The skinny: I wouldn’t make Puerto Escondido my homebase as a digital nomad in Mexico. I would recommend Puerto Escondido as a place to rest for a few days and do some small work.


My Opinion of Puerto Escondido:

Puerto Escondido is a coastal town located in the state of Oaxaca. Oaxaca is known for its architecture, cuisine, coffee and its specific culture.

In the recent years, Puerto Escondido has become an increasingly popular holiday destination for Western tourists, especially the bohemian type or new-hippy. Puerto Escondido is also popular among surfers. Thanks to the pandemic the popularity of Puerto Escondido has even increased.


As a digital nomad, what I like about Puerto Escondido ? I’m under the impression that it’s easy to make friends in Puerto Escondido. I have been there twice so far and each time I managed to make a some new friends. At least for me , it’s easier to make friends in Puerto Escondido than in Puerto Vallarta.

Me with my Youtuber friend from Kenya, Marwa


Puerto Escondido has  fair options of bars and restaurants.

Its  nice to rest at a beach club either on the Zicaleta beach or at the popular surfers spot of La Punta.

I view Puerto Escondido as a place to rest, the average temperature of 31°C (87,8°F) is a bit too much for my taste and for me to do some activities like hiking.

It’s always a pleasure to watch the sunset on the beach at La Punta.

Sunset (La Punta) Puerto Escondido

Nice local food (Breakfast)

Now when it comes to work, things get a little bit different.

Puerto Escondido has a lot of café and a decent numbers of coworking space.

My experience trying to get some work done in Puerto Escondido:

  • In the morning most café are packed with people either having breakfast or working on their laptop. I had to visit a few café before I could find a place to work meaning a place to plug my laptop .
  • After a few days, I found a place I could go to work everyday, its called OLAS ATLAS on Zicaleta beach. Puerto Escondido has serious Internet reliability issue but I never had a problem when I was there.


Working in Olas Atlas

OLAS ATLAS Internet Speed

They are a few popular coworking spaces in Puerto Escondido.

I tried to go at the popular Selina coworking space but alas it was closed the first afternoon I tried to go there. The second day, It was so packed with people I didn’t bother, I went to nearby Olas Atlas instead.

Casa Losodeli is a popular coworking space, it is a hotel. The place was large with a lot of spaces but alas when I went there , there was no space in the coworking area. Instead, I worked from their restaurant. The restaurant is very noisy, as you could except  it to be. I didn’t have an opportunity to try their coworking space but I guess if you want a spot , you better come early.

Internet speed in the restaurant area was OK for my need, but the lack of privacy prevent me to work on my cryptocurrency investment.



There was this beach bar called Xcaanda on Zicaleta beach. I went to work there I couple of time . Internet was OK.

Overall, Puerto Escondido is a good place to relax and work on stuff that doesn’t permanent high-speed Internet connection.

Elon Musk’s satellite Internet provider Starlink is coming to the area, it will certainly improve working condition for remote workers.








Puerto Escondido Coworking spaces scene
  • Internet Connection
  • Service


Go there to relax. If you work do not do important or urgent stuff. I had to postpone all my video calls with clients during my stay in Puerto Escondido because the Internet there isn’t reliable enough for important business video calls.


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